Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VICE vs VAMPYRES scene selection pt.2

Writing Sample (Fight) by Brad Havens
Joe and Grace look around, seeing Vlad in his throne with
MS. M standing in front and to his right, holding a pistol
at her side. Vlads smiles warmly.

          Where to run now, eh? Mr. Police Man.

Grace moves closer to Joe. He puts an arm around her waist.

                         MS. M
          Take the cow.

MR. T nods and moves to comply. Joe sizes him up. MR. T
gives JOE a sneer and takes GRACE by the elbow.

JOE SHOVES GRACE INTO MR. T, knocking both of them off

JOE LUNGES for MS. M. She brings up her pistol, but not in
time to prevent Joe from trapping her hand and jerking her
close. Vlad chooses to watch MS. M defend herself.

MR. T shoves Grace to the floor and looks for a clean shot
at Joe.

MS. M fights Joe for the gun. In a beat, he grabs at her
blouse, tearing it open. Shocked by this misdirection, she
involuntarily moves to cover herself.

Joe twists her arm back, making her pistol whip herself.
Her head snaps back, and that’s when JOE sees the TALISMAN

MR. T sees a clear shot and aims to take it. Grace throws
herself at MR. T, wrapping her arms around his waist and
hanging on, buying Joe a few more seconds. Vlad stands
passively, delighted by the actions playing out before him.

MR. B rushes into the room from the entrance behind the
thrones, carrying a SEALED BRIEFCASE. He is completely
unaware of the struggle underway.

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