Saturday, January 11, 2020

End the Cycle of Abuse - Escape from Disney Star Wars while you still can...

I saw a post on youtube from someone whose whole focus is on the Star Wars movies - specifically, trying to rationalize the enormous clusterfuck that has become known as the "Disney Star Wars Trilogy". 

While admitting the latest, last movie "Rise of Skywalker" introduced things that were "confusing", this poor sap was trying to come up with excuses for moments that the Filmmakers themselves couldn't be bothered to try and answer. 

It reminded me of victims rationalizing an abusive relationship, and suddenly, I just wanted all the pain to go away, for everybody. 

Pinned to the top of his comments section was a simple question: "What do you think?" 

This was my response:

I think that publishing supplemental books and comics - or worse yet, making Fans have to do the heavy lifting for them (like this video) with all these debates about things that were obviously pulled out of someone's ass and thrown at the script - making excuses for major plot points after the movie has been released is a horrible way to make any movie. Never have I seen a franchise so completely run into the ground that it ignores original material, ignores new material, and then antagonizes, labels and attempts to marginalize anyone who rightly called them on their bullshit. The fan base has been fractured into so many segments it's impossible to have a pleasant conversation about any of it anymore.
Your money. That's what they wanted. Lucas wanted to make a good movie. He actually cared about what he was doing and why. Disney paid him, kicked him out of the House he built, and then used Kathleen to trick out the Franchise. Too bad for us that she couldn't tie her own shoes without blaming straight white men for making her have to figure out how. That's our fault, supposedly.
We have their Trilogy now, each installment written with the attitude: "Fuck it, I'll do what I want". They were even quoted saying so, that's not some emotional bullshit from me. Knowing that, how could anybody possibly believe that these money grubbing Hacks put as much thought into this franchise as Fans like you are doing right now? When Kathleen Kennedy can say there was "no source material" to reference, you know they didn't even try to care about Star Wars, or you.
You may want to love Star Wars, may want to find those reasons to keep giving to and supporting the franchise. I understand. It's difficult to walk away from something you invested so much time and effort into - you thought you had a relationship - but at the end of the day, Disney Star Wars is a one-way street that begins and ends at your wallet. It'll say and do what it thinks you want to convince you that what it's selling is what you want. It will pretend it cares, and then once you've bought that ticket, you're stuck recognizing you paid $20bucks for a two dollar whore, and that rat pimp doesn't do refunds.
You are in a dependent, abusive relationship and it's time to recognize that Disney Star Wars doesn't love you, doesn't care about you beyond your wallet, and will keep telling you whatever you want to hear to get your money. Stay confused, just keep paying. Search for answers and try to be understanding, just keep paying. If you complain, it'll beat you and say you can't understand their struggle, then beat you some more and demand you pay them for their time and effort.
I would recommend that most Fans still attempting to make sense of this insensible nonsense take up anything - any other topic or hobby or whatever that requires an investment of your time & resources and let this hack job die and be forgotten. Break it off, move on & enjoy your Life.
Let go and be free of this madness.

If one thing that's written here made sense, and got even one person to take a step back, examine their relationship to Disney Star Wars, prompted them to consider another path, another franchise, another anything that would reward them as Star Wars once did, before the Dark Times of the Disney Star Wars Empire, if but one Soul is saved from the damnation of Disney's callous abuses, then all of this was worth it.